Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things That I Miss....

@ 01:36 a.m.
i felt miserable....... and.....
i don't have money and i don't have a career
and i don't have a boyfriend XDD
i need money to spend on,
i need a career that i can lean on,
i need a boyfriend to..... ?????
well, i guess i don't need a boyfriend,
since i don't have any reason for having one!

seriously... i need money and my career!!!
and i really miss someone rite now...
but i already ignore him,
so i deserve this~

and today Naruto tought me this phrase:
Never Give Up!! If I Keep Walking W/out Ever Stoping...
I'll Make It To You~

the world saviour,
he's my first crush!
and i still like him

He's so cute and adorable!!!
He's my crush too
but not sure whether he's
the 2nd or 3rd XDD

random stuff:my degree scroll, wed. card, KAT-TUN t-shirt

Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 is KAT-TUN Year!!!

Title: KAT-TUN New Single
Location: Home Sweet Home~
Time: 7.51pm
Day: Monday
Mood: Hungry....

Single: One Drop [Theme Soundtrack for Kami No Shizuku J-Drama]
Released Date: 11th Feb 2009
Publisher: J-Storm
Buy At: [Cd Japan] [Amazon Jp]

~ One Drop Cover ~

[From left: Limited Edition,
Regular Edition [First Press], Regular Edition]
[01.One Drop] [02.D-T-S] [03.On My Mind]

Source: kattunAL gogobox

and my favourite song from One Drop is "On My Mind"...
Listen to On My Mind~

The answer that I couldn’t say at that time
Once again Say it
I tried saying it out loud (stay with me)
But in front of your eyes, I just couldn’t say it

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