Monday, January 31, 2011

Photography by Paul Hermes

Beautiful photography by Paul Hermes, talented professional photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

Photography by Tommaso Bonaventura

Tommaso Bonaventura was born in Rome in 1969. He’s a professional photographer since 1992; his reportages have been published on the most important international magazines. His work about the great Christian pilgrimages in Europe (“Pilgrims”, Gribaudo editions, 2005) won the first prize at World Press Photo 2005, category Arts and Entertainment. Since 2007 he often travels through China,

Fashion Photography by Andreas Kock

Photography, conceptual visuals, fashion and, not least, women soon took overhand. As a photographer, Andreas Kock instantly developed his own trademark idiom, based on qualities such as high energy, rich color and intense interaction with his models, with the rare capacity of creating images with ”stopping power” and sometimes an element of provocation. Andreas stages both his individual images

Creative Panoramas by Josh Sommers

Josh Sommers from Petaluma, California, USA, has mastered the art of creating Escheresque photographs and has decided to reveal the secret mathematical formula behind these incredible hypnotic 'droste effect' images

Beautiful Portraits by Anne Menke

Anne Menke is a German-born photographer now based in New York City who specializes in editorial, advertising, and beauty photography. Anne Menke was born on March 26, 1967 in Wittlich, Germany. In 1987, she finished her apprenticeship in Germany and worked as an assistant in Düsseldorf for 2 years. She opened up her own studio, then moved to Paris in 1991 and worked on her own in fashion and

Portrait Photography by Oak Thitayarak

Oak Thitayarak is a Chicago based artist specialized in graphic design and illustration. Thitayarak may not be the first person to document the homeless, but there’s something about his portraits that is particularly poignant.

Photography by Rodrigo Vazquez

Beautiful photography by Rodrigo Vazquez, talented photographer from Mexico City.

` the cUtest actress illeana `

` amazing crafts of old boOks `

` gorgeOus angelina jOlie `

Sizzling actress Anjelina Jolie spotted while she arrived with her husband Brad Pitt at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills recently. 

Photography by Jason Nocito

Jason Nocito is a photographer who shoots for a lot of fancy folks like Nike, Apple, Diesel, and Rolling Stone. A trip to his website gets you everything from pretty celebrities, to Mumbai, to the US Women’s Soccer Team. It’s a real smorgasbord of good photography over there. He’s pretty damn big time when it comes to the world of advertising and editorial photography, but his artsy stuff isn’t

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Human Resources by Darin Mickey

In 2001, Darin Mickey began to document his father’s life at work and at home. Stuff I Gotta Remember Not To Forget is a portrait of Ken Mickey, who sells storage space in converted caves and abandoned mines throughout Kansas. We follow Darin following his father as he makes cold calls, watches television, attends meetings at the Masonic Temple, drives through underground tunnels, and drinks his

Fashion Photography by Francis Hills

Francis Hills is known as the Accidental Photographer, and for a compelling reason: Five years ago, after losing his job during the bust, Hills picked up a point-and-shoot and discovered his true passion. His serendipitous journey only intensified from that point on. Just three months after he started shooting, he decided on a whim to write a letter to actor and fellow Brit Alan Cumming

Wildlife Photography by Carsten Peter

HANG SON DOONG, or “mountain river cave,” is 2.5 miles long with a max width of 300ft and a max height of 600ft, making it the largest cave passage in the world. Exploration of Hang Son Doong and the surrounding system began in 2009, and a year later National Geographic writer Mark Jenkins and photographer Carsten Peter accompanied the mapping team on its second visit.

Creative Surreal Photo Manipulations by Sarolta Ban

Sarolta Bán is a 27 year old self-taught photographer/photo manipulator from Budapest, Hungary. Originally a jewelery designer, Sarolta usually works on an image from a few hours to a couple of days and uses up to 100 different layers for one picture.“I like using ordinary elements and by combining them, I can give them various stories, personalities. I hope that the meanings of my pictures are

Creative Photography by Erik Almas

Originally from Norway, Erik Almas came to San Francisco, CA at the age of 22 to attend the Academy of Art University. He was so inspired and in love with the bay area that he decided to stay and make it his home. After assisting Jim Erikson for three years, he decided to fly solo and has not landed since. Shooting constantly and traveling around the world for clients such as Toyota, Puma, Nike,

Animals That Saw Me by Ed Panar

Ed Panar has seen many animals, and they have seen him right back. Other things Ed’s seen include potted plants guarding shop entrances as if bouncers, skeletal tree roots, mean-looking snowmen, etc., but it’s his apparent affinity with animals that stands out

S’poreans rent partners for CNY

MY PAPER, F R I D A Y J A N U A R Y 2 8 , 2 0 1 1, NEWS, PAGE A1, A4From Website: GWENDOLYN NG,, Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:04 amPHOTO: Love

Photography by Doug DuBois

Doug DuBois is an American photographer based in Syracuse, New York. Doug DuBois has received fellowships from the MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, The National Endowment for the Arts, SITE Santa Fe, Light Works and The John Gutmann Foundation. His work has been exhibited and is in the collections of The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles; The Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of Fine Art in Houston,

Portrait Photography by Sabrina Cichy

Amazing portrait photography by Sabrina Cichy, talented female photographer from Germany.

Photography by Olivia Bee

Amazing photography by Olivia Bee, very young female photographer....this 16-year-old photographer from Portland, Oregon, shoots diary-style photos of her friends and family.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Congo Street Style by Francesco Giusti

Francesco Giusti is a freelance documentary photographer oriented toward investigating issues of social realities, communities and identity. His research about the long-standing inmates of a psychiatric hospital in Naples received the honorable mention of Leica Oskar Barnack Award in 1999 and was a finalist of Prix Care du Reportage Humanitair in 2000. In 2002, he was awarded the Canon Award for

Amazing Portraits by Joanna Kustra

Joanna Kustra born in south-eastern Poland in february, 1984. Her artistic skills developed quite early, since childhood she has been fascinated with music playing the piano and oboe. Her adventure with photography began at the age of 22 and in a short time from a hobby developed into a true passion and a way of living. She is a self-taught photographer, from the very beginning fascinated with

Glamour Photography by Simon Procter

Raised in a small mining village in the industrial North of England, Simon Procter studied Fine Art for many years and until recently was a sculptor and painter. It was whilst doing a variety of odd jobs in Paris that he met by accident a member of the celebrated New York Visionaire team. He was asked to do the somewhat dangerous task of shooting a Dior show from 100 feet up in the roof. From

Still Life Photography by Alejandra Laviada

Alejandra Laviada lives and works in Mexico City. Her works explores photography's shifting role and relationship to other artistic media, such us painting and sculpture. The images she creates emerge from the intersections between these different mediums, and aim to question and redefine photography's various roles and boundaries.

Architects Of War by Spencer Murphy

Spencer Murphy was born in 1978 and grew up in the Kentish countryside. Raised in relative isolation, miles from the nearest shop or school, Spencer often found himself with only his imagination for company and the surrounding woodland as his playground. It was a combination of this imagination and an early discovery of his mother’s back issues of Life and National Geographic that sparked an

Black and White Photography by Vanessa Winship

Vanessa Winship was born and currently resides in the United Kingdom. For almost a decade, she lived and worked in the Balkans and Turkey. She received two First Prize World Press Photo Awards in 1998 and 2008, respectively. Since 2005 she has been represented by Agence VU in Paris.After studying cinema and photography at Westminster University (Polytechnic of Central London), Vanessa shares her

Fashion Photography by Tejal Patni

If you have come across the captivating images advertising the Shoppers Stop brand – they are the work of UK based Tejal Patni. He is currently in a film school in the city, prior to which he lived and worked in Mumbai. This is the second time he has been involved with the brand’s advertising campaigns. The first time around, along with art director’s Mangesh Rane’s concept, the campaign was

Creative Photography by Paolo Woods

Paolo Woods, 1970, The Netherlands, grew up in Italy and currently works and lives in Paris. He has published various books together with journalist Serge Michel. Paolo concentrates on long-term projects that are news related, but not "hard news." He travels the world, from Afghanistan to Algeria and from China to Nigeria for his in-depth stories. In his series Chinafrica or China Safari he

Beautiful Portraits by Dimitre Caceaune

Amazing portrait photography by Dimitre Caceaune, a very young male photographer of just 17 years old from Romania, currently staying at Bucharest.

Architecture Photography by Kim Høltermand

Kim Høltermand is a freelance architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark. When he's not out taking moody epic photographs of architecture, Kim works as a fingerprints expert in The Crime Scene Unit of The Danish National Police.

Mad Men by James Minchin II

James Minchin III is an American photographer who works primarily in music. Unfortunately, his website doesn’t feature, in my opinion, his best work. So I went through the trouble of photographing some of the many atmospheric /images featured in the 40 page booklet that comes packaged with Linkin Park’s album: Meteora, released back in 03.

Places by Angus McDiarmid

Professional photography by Angus McDiarmid, young photographer, who only 22 years old from Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland.

Beautiful Photography by Aditya Pudjo

Awesome photo shoots by Aditya Pudjo, professional photographer from Indonesia.

Friday, January 28, 2011

《大馬部落》2011 新年賀歲

大马部落》拍摄 MV 的那晚我原本只是去“送货”,却被豆腐花“捉”进老欧的豪宅溜不了身,只好乖乖坐在沙发上妆。呵呵~

sam sam 要我们各自站在镜头前自由发挥搞笑本色的时候,我头脑一片空白,不懂要怎么搞?! >_<




Portrait Photography by Marcelina Oczkowska

Amazing black and white portrait photography by Marcelina Oczkowska, talented female photographer from Poland.

` stylish kim kardAshian `

` attractive tattOo designs for wOmen `

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To build the first side of the pergola, join two 4" x 4" posts and one 2" x 6" board with included carriage bolts and washers. A carriage bolt has a rounded head that, when tapped into place, secures against turning. Repeat for other side of pergola.

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MY PAPER FRIDAY JANUARY 28, 2011, SHOP & BUY, PAGE A16From Website: JOY FANG,, Fri, Jan 28, 2011, my paper PHOTO: Different this

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Before you rush out and learn how to build a pergola, here are seven simple mistakes you must avoid.#1. Don’t build your pergola without checking the permit requirements. Building inspectors take a dim view of this mistake. It’s so much easier to avoid problems than sort them out later.#2. Don’t dig holes for your pergola posts without first checking for underground utilities. You will be liable

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Pergola Design IdeasThese pergolas are, indeed, very beautiful features in their own right, adding height and interest to any outdoor space.The pergola arch can be used to section off parts of the garden, being used as a focal point, leading the eye through to the next part, providing an element of surprise and 'journey', which is so important for adding interest to the garden.An arbor pergola,

Pergola plans tips by Sharon | Real Life Girl Pics Taken by Her Boy friend

The most important and delicate part of your residence is the wood material. Whether it is the floor covering, furniture, doors, cabinets or window panes, wood has to be the primary thing to be given attention to. Ignorance towards the wood may lead to the development of termites giving you a hollow object. On annual basis it is essential that you get fumigation done. When you inspect doors and

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Ryan, my next door neighbor has just put up a garden pergola. I thought one would be a great entertaining feature in my garden as well. Unfortunately, I was taken aback by the price he paid for his kit. That was way over my budget.Unperturbed, I searched the internet for pergola designs. There are plenty of free pergola plans online but I could not come across one in the size I wanted. Also the

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- You can go to local carpenter, and maybe he would have time to give you his plans. However, this is very rare. Most carpenters don’t share their work with others.

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The Pergola Blog is my mini-journal. It lets you know:When new web pages and updates are available on the site.Keeps you up-to-date with new postings or news. It might be a new pergola plan, a not-to-be-missed, fantasic offer on a particular tool, or beautiful plant that I really must tell you about!Gives information on landscaping projects that I have done for clients, which will give you an

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Tanish, Shobana starrer ‘Kodi Punju’ with tagline ‘Pandaniki Ready’ completed first schedule of its shooting. 40% of the shooting of this film is over with the first schedule. The movie will begin its second schedule shoot in February. Roja is playing an important role in this film with Daggubati Seetaratnam character.Movie is directed by BVV Chowdary and produced by S Bujjibabu on S. S cinemas

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Galli Kurrali Heroine Shefali Sharma hot exposing stills in a blue frock like dress. shefali sharma spicy thighs exposing stills

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Ravi Teja Birth Day special Veera Wallpaper. Kajal Agarwal and Tapsee playing female lead roles of the movie

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Normally, actresses are very conservative when it comes to getting glamorous. But when they eventually do, they all claim that it was because the role demanded it. Who is The top hottest Hollywood actress?, view Hollywood's hottest women list here. Looking for Something hot on Hollywood. Here are few of the Hot Pics of Hollywood Actresses. All are looking superb. These are some of the sexiest

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Mallu Girl Bathing Hot Photos

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Meera Jasmine is a well known actress in South India. Se acted in almost all south Indian Language movies. She is a national award winning actress. Meera jasmine started her career in Malayalam movies

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Malayalam Actress Bhavana is a cuttest actress in south India. Even though She is a Malayalam actress, she is getting more offers from Tamil and Telugu movies 

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Navya Nair is a very talented Malayalam actress. She has played in many Malayalam movies. After successful performance in Malayalam movies. she came to Tamil and Kannada movies. Last month she married to a Mumbai based business man.

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Shradha Das is a popular south Indian actress. She became popular in short span of time. She Played in many Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. Sidhu from Srikakulam was her debut film in Telugu. After performing in this Telugu movie, she became popular in south Indian movies

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Vedika is very cute actress in south India. She is a kannadiga girl. She started her career in Tamil movie. 'Madrasi' and 'Muni' are some of Tamil movie which she playe.

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Navya Nair, a busiest Malayalam actress in Kannada and Telugu. She most cute desi look in saree.

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Navya Nair is a Malayalam actress. She started her film career in Malayalam around five years back. Now she is a busiest actress in Kannada movies also. She as played opposite of prithviraj so many movies. She did not played in any glamour roles in south Indian movies

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Sameera Reddy Hot in Erra Gurrabilu

Swetha Varma Hot Photos From Devadasini | Sexy, Hot Wallpapers...Its Very Hot!!

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Shefali Sharma Spicy Photos | Hot & Sexy Girls Gallery

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Kausha Latest Hot Photos | 2011

Bhanu Sri Mehra Latest Photo Shoot | Hot & Sexy Wallpapers

Retro Photography by Stanko Abadžic

Stanko Abadzic was born in 1952 in Vukovar, Croatia. When he was 15, his father gave him a camera that Abadzic taught himself to use. He also joined a photography club, studied photography books, and attended photographic exhibitions. After marrying, he worked as a reporter and photojournalist to support his family.When the Croatian War of Independence broke out in 1991, Abadzic left everything

Creative Photography by Denise Grunstein

Denise Grunstein is one of the best known profiles in Swedish photography. She began her career in photography by working in black and white. Since then, she spent many years working with advertising and feature photography.Her images are easily recognized for their characteristic, intensely present, highly personal and quite romantic artistic expression.

Fashion Photography by Henryk Lobaczewski

Henryk Lobaczewski is Australian fashion photographer based in Sydney specialising in fashion advertising, beauty & editorial.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011













desktop background

Wallpaper (also desktop picture and desktop background) is an image used as a background of a graphical user interface on a computer screen or mobile communications device. On a computer it is usually for the desktop, while for a mobile phone it is usually the background for the 'home' or 'idle' screen. Though most devices comes with a default picture, the user can usually change it to a file

` stylish beauty madhurima `

` beautifUl place in china :: shanxi `

Shanxi region is a beautiful place in china; it has a cold and dry climate and has an annual rainfall of between 400-600 millimeters. It also often plagued by sandstorms, especially in the spring. Shanxi is one of the birth places of Chinese civilizations with a long history and traditional culture. It occupies an area of 156,000 square kilometers and has a population of over 32 million. Its

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` american celebrity michElle `

Fashion Photography by Kirsten Becken

Kirsten Becken is a fashion photographer based in Düsseldorf, Germany. The characteristic of her work is in the stagings. In an abandoned amusement park, with dogs than 2 meters high, in a museum or in a riding school, she goes deeper into the creativity and originality of her photographs.

随想0126 -找寻共同语言




A world of dreams

Today, Wednesday, January 26, 2011, Movie, Page T2, T4, T6From Website:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photography by Alex Stoddard

Amazing people photography by Alex Stoddard, talented young photographer, who was born in 1993 and based out of Georgia, USA.

Black and White Photography by Christophe Lecoq

Beautiful black and white photography by Christophe Lecoq, talented photographer from Paris, France.

` talented beauty drew barrymOre `

Charming and talented Drew Barrymore will be seen in a new Charlie's Angels series on television. She will also produce the series with Leonard Goldberg and Nancy Juvonen. This Charlie's Angel’s star has recently shifted to her new house of $6.9 million, which has six bedrooms, a pool and a spa. It’s a three- acre estate in Montecito, near Santa Barbara.

Monday, January 24, 2011





还有,我家有这么一个吃饭文化,把隔夜的A + 隔夜的 B = 又是另一道新的 C。


` eye-catching beaUty kim kardashian `

` incredibly realistic sculptUres `

 Adam Beane is one of the best creators of sculptures. He is known for dynamic compositions, action poses, nuanced drapery work and his ability to capture likenesses with expressions. For his work he uses CX5, a tremendously versatile material he developed which handles like clay when warm but is hard as plastic when cool.

` teresa scanlan :: miss america 2011 `

Pretty Teresa Scanlan is the titleholder of Miss America 2011 beating the other 52 young women from across the United States. She is from Gering, Nebraska and also named Miss Nebraska 2010. The 17-year-old Teresa Scanlan is the youngest winner in the history of the contest and the first young woman from Nebraska to take the crown.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

上海滩 by 叶丽仪








星期四公共假日那天逛去了 Kinokuniya, 拿了预留的书,也顺手“牵”了一个食谱回家。



1) 把小黄瓜切薄片,撒上盐和黑胡椒腌片刻。
2) 凤梨切成小块。(我一边切一边偷吃,呵呵~)
3) 将 1 和 2 加入优格,撒上薄荷叶碎,放入雪柜腌半个小时即可。

书里没有说是不是要用新鲜凤梨,我自己选用了罐头凤梨(容易嘛~不需要去皮),黑胡椒粉是麦记叔叔牌子 ^_^,优格我选用原味。



Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spike in numbers falling ill here

MY PAPER, FRIDAY JANUARY 21, 2011, PAGE A8, HOMEFrom THE STRAITS TIMESPHOTO: Dragon Arum, The Dragon and Lucifer

Fashion Photography by Billy Kidd

Amazing glamour portraits by Billy Kidd, talented fashion photographer from New York.

` bubbly actress charmee in her new mOvie `

The bubbly actress charmee is again working under the directorial of Tulasiram, who was quite a success with his earlier movie mantra. This time he has taken a new psychological thriller plot for his movie mangala, which also stars Pradeep Rawat, Vijaya Sai and Uttej. 

Portrait Photography by Caitlin Bellah

Caitlin Bellah is a 22 year old photographer from San Francisco, CA. She currently resides in Los Angeles and only comes out of her cave to feed on salmon from the stream below.

` canadian actress and singer jessica lOwndes `

Take a hike

Today, Thursday January 20, 2011, Travel, Page T14 - T16From Website: Suzanne Ma,, 05:55 AM Jan 20, 2011PHOTO: China's Huangshan, awe-inspiring natural wondersCopyright © MediaCorp Press Ltdhttp://

Black and White Portraits by Gerard Sexton

Beautiful black and white portrait photography by Gerard Sexton, talented people photographer from London, United-Kingdom.

Photography by Adrian Donoghue

Beautiful photography by Adrian Donoghue, talented photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Portraits by Olivia Graham

New York-based photographer Olivia Graham creates wonderful engagement photographs that have a vintage look and appeal.

` shriya saran sizzles in a hot photoshoOt `

` gOssip girl star blake lively `

American actress and model Blake Lively is known for her role in the CW’s popular series Gossip Girl as Sreena van der Woodsen. She has reportedly been lined up as one of the frontrunners to star as Taylor Lautner's love interest in new film ‘Incarceron’. Her current project is ‘Green Lantern’ it’s a superhero film based on the comic book character of the same name appearing in DC Comics.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


过去几个晚上都与友人在 Paparich 喝茶,每次几乎都坐到人家打烊的时间,更有一次是坐到被待应生来“请”,原来他们是距离结束日常营业的时间,提早15分钟“赶客”。

一连几晚,我开始在 Paparich找到了自己的娱乐,一向以来我都很喜欢观察人,有些人就是听不见自己说话的声浪有多高,不知道句句谈话都飘进他人的耳朵,我就是有这份能耐,与身边的人说话的同时,耳朵依然能捕捉周围的声音。




另一男是T-Shith 短裤,身形微胖,踩着拖鞋,女的衣着是后来他们离开的时候才看到,简单款式的宽肩上衣配黑色紧身长裤,脚下三寸高跟鞋,手里捧着几个文件,她一直坐在西装笔挺男的旁边,全程几乎都没有说过话。

他们那一桌子传来的是非常官方式的直销推销言论,女的像是西装男的下线,T-Shirt 男是谁的朋友,是被谁“出卖”了我就不知道,但是我知道要是多年没有联络的朋友突然找上自己喝茶,小心不是保险就是直销,最后的可能就是 – 抛红炸弹。






` sizzling maria sharapOva at australian open `

The most attractive and crowd puller tennis player Maria Sharapova is all set for the Australian open 2011. Sharapova has also signed an eight year contract with NIKE worth 43 million pounds in the last year. Here the glamorous sports women is spotted with her new outfit for the Australian open. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

` kim kardAshian `

` glamorOus sneha ullal `

Glamorous Mangalore origin Sneha Ullal is making her debut in Kannada with film ‘Devi’. Even though Sneha is from Ullal a place 15 KM’s from Mangalore, has never been associated with kannada film Industry so far. Reason may be she has lived out side Karnataka since birth. She is quite a successful actress in Telugu films and is also doing a new Telugu film tilted as ‘ Maya’ opposite Sumanth. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Mango 最近一季的 Sale, 有很多衣服折扣后价钱比我意料中便宜,看上了很多,想要买的也很多,但是荷包的肥瘦还是主要的现实考量。

这件红酒色 Cardigan 被我盯上了很久,耐心地终于等到了大减价,原价 RM129,折扣之后 RM69,立刻买下。


很喜欢穿上 Cardigan 的那份舒适和 Casual,碰上穿得好看又喜欢的款式,真希望可以像香港电影里那些富太太富家女那样,豪气地每一个颜色都要一件。

那天从 Mango 出来,我去了星巴克喝橙汁,看着放在沙发脚边的 Mango 购物袋,里面躺着我爱的红色 Cardigan,脑子里浮现朵儿的笑脸,我的嘴角也翘了。

电影 《第36个故事》,当蔷儿终于答应客人以无敌铁金刚交换一张老照片的时候,他们的对话让正在擦杯子的朵儿笑了。


Mango 没变,我爱的红色 Cardigan 也没变,变的是它的标价,减少了,却也符合了,我-的-心-理-价-值。

Inspirational words to live by

MY PAPER, TUESDAY JANUARY 18, 2011, VIEWPOINTS, PAGE A17 From Source Website: By GEOFF TAN, Tue, Jan 18, 2011, my paper PHOTO: Enjoy todayhttp://i796.

` bipasha basu goes tOpless for maxim `

Dusky beauty Bipasha Basu who turned 32 recently, sizzles on the cover of International Maxim Magazine for the January 2011 edition by giving a topless photo shoot.

` sOuth actress meera chOpra `

The US studied Meera chopra worked for a well known Indian news channel in her initial days of career. But later she diverted herself to the movie industry and is a known name in the industry. She has acted in Tamil, Telugu & a kannada movie. Apart from movies this talented lady is also looking after her own Hotel business in Delhi.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Photo Illustrations by Dariusz Klimczak

Brautiful photography art by Dariusz Klimczak, talented 43 y.o. male photographer from Poland.

Brussels Beer Café @ Solaris Mon’t Kiara

位于 Solaris Mon’t Kiara 的 Brussels Beer Café 是一家提供比利时食物的餐厅,同时也有多种不同的啤酒,他们提倡独特的饮食概念 - Good Food with Great Beer。

上个星期五,多得 《大马部落 Mybloggercon》 的厚爱,得以在Brussels Beer Café 免费吃吃喝喝,当晚无限量供应的 Konig Ludwig Weissbie 啤酒,我只喝了两杯,怕酒后驾车被警察叔叔捉。

Konig Ludwig Weissbie 非常顺喉,才喝下第一口我就立刻爱上了,到现在还念念不忘那冰凉液体滑过喉咙的感觉,很后悔当晚只喝了两杯。T_T

那晚我们一共尝试了12 道菜,主菜都以肉类为主,大多数是猪肉,招待我们的经理 Mike Chang 说,Brussels Beer Café 刚在1月11日推出了新菜式,他们的菜单主要 60 至 70% 都是猪肉。


全程从前菜 Brussels Summer Fruit Salad 到甜品 Crème Brulee,让我印象最深刻的就是他们的 Homemade Soup - Prawn Bisque。

Prawn Bisque 的主要材料是虾,烹煮方法是先把虾壳炒香,然后加入萝卜,洋葱、大白菜和番茄一起慢火熬煮三个小时,最后把整锅汤料搅碎 (Blend) 融合一体的美味精华。


他还打趣说,品尝 Prawn Bisque 就像听交响曲,有高起又低落,从入口到最后停留在齿缝间的鲜虾味,都让人回味无穷。

Prawn Bisque 的汤底很浓,味道较咸,不能单喝,需要点葱面包一起吃 ,他们还有一种褐色的面包非常的特别,我吃到有薄荷味的清凉。^_^

当晚很勤劳做 Food Review 功课的燕妮,为 Prawn Bisque 取了一个名字 - [鬼佬虾面汤]。

忘了厨师哥哥和Mike 怎么说他们的 Brussels’ Style Roast Pork 与我们的中国烧肉有什么不同,我一向以来吃烧肉只吃瘦肉部份,肥肥白白的脂肪部份我是不碰的,就连那层被烧得脆卜卜的皮我也不吃。

那晚我竟然吃了一整块,也够赏脸,倒是觉得放在烧肉旁边的沾酱更特别,更能引起我的注意,带鸭黄色的酱料类似 wasabi的味道,吃进嘴里一股辛气攻上鼻子,但是没有日本正宗 wasabi 那么辛烈。


另一个我个人很喜欢的是他们的新鲜炸薯条。Brussels 的炸薯条不像一般市场上售卖,或是其他西餐厅所吃到的那种瘦瘦又干巴巴,咬下去内心空洞的炸薯条,Brussels 的炸薯条,吃到口口的薯肉。

由于那晚需要‘啃’下的食物也不少,我唯有不敢多吃,最喜欢沾多多的 mayonnaise aioli sauce ,棒~!

如果你想在 Brussels 用餐的时候引起隔壁桌客人对你的注意,我建议你可以点这道外形绝对哗众取宠的 THE BIG ONE~!!!

这条巨无霸 HotDog,里面的肉质从头到尾寸寸扎实,没有欺场,一个大男人也未必‘干’得下一整大条。

那一晚拍的照片,有大部分我个人不是很满意,由于我们坐的位置灯光太暗,我的小相机功能当然不能比上 DSLR,直到后来我都顾不上仪态了,干脆把整碟食物捧放到灯光充足的沙发上拍照。

Brussels Beer Cafe 绝对有吸引我这个大小孩再回去光顾的魅力,可以如喝水般咕噜咕噜滑过喉咙的啤酒,肥厚的鲜炸薯条,还有让味蕾跳舞的 Prawn Bisque,都是我的最爱~!

假如你是个无肉不欢的人,Brussels Beer Cafe 提供一系列以肉类为主的比利时食物或许能满足你的腹欲。

Lot K-OG13 & 14, SOHO KL, Solaris Mon’t Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-6205 2999

Photo Manipulations by Michał Karcz

Michał Karcz was born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland. He has graduated from the High School of Art in Warsaw. His journey into the world of photography began in the early 90's, but at that time Michał's biggest passion was painting. Painting helped him develop vision that was hard to create.

` kim kardashian loOking very hot `

The most net friendly celebrity and reality TV Star, Kim Kardashian has recently revealed that she is dating with basketball star Kris Humphries. Here are some of the blistering photos of KIM which were clicked while she was recently spotted in Los Angeles filling up her gas tank at a local gas station.

` bungalOws on the island of moOrea `

Bungalows on the island of MooreaBungalows made of straw. The island of Moorea.Bungalow "Hotel Hibiscus". Moorea.Bungalow "Hauri Point." The island of Moorea.Bungalow in Moorea Pearl.Bungalow "Hotel Tahiti International" on the island of Moorea.Bungalow ''Sofitel la Ora Beach Resort Deluxe " the island of Moorea. Moorea is a high Island of French Polynesia, part of the Society Islands. Moorea

` sOuth indian actress laxmi nair `

刘亦菲 (Liú Yì Fēi) - Crystal Liu Yi Fei (2)

Source Website: 刘亦菲为《完美世界》游戏代言 造型多变 - Liu Yifei ever changing, as 《Perfect World》 game's representative and spokesperson.

Saturday, January 15, 2011












曾经,我和他再加上他的男人,三人夜半站在阳台喝酒干杯,他的男人中文很差却又爱听我们讲中文,听不懂我们说什么的时候,他就会说 sub-title please~我笑着继续饮酒,由他做他的翻译。


我说让我们咒那个男人失眠,夜晚不得好睡,他却说我狠毒,我呵呵笑,还给他的男人取了一个花名 - Espresso,因为他说过那个他最会弄 Espresso。







[其实我和他不算是很close的朋友,就是同住在一个屋檐下,他有他的生活,我有我的空间,偶尔交谈几句,闷的时候一起喝上几杯,吃些不会危害健康,但也没有营养的零食,遇上感情问题,互相当对方的辅导老师..... 他对我,没有非份之想,我对他,一直很想把他打扮成女生。]

` ileana d'crUz for fhm `

South beauty Ileana sizzles on the cover of FHM Magazine for the month of January 2011 issue. She is one of the highest paid actresses in South Indian film industry and is now making her way to Bollywood. She is making her debut in the film ‘Barfee’ with Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

` singer & actress bOnnie sOmerville `

Picture perfect Lijiang

Source Website: By China Daily, ANN, Mon, Jan 10 2011 Photos: Alexander Savin, Salma Khalik, China Daily, ReutersPHOTO: Lijiang's stunning natural surroundings have fired many a visitor's imagination about an utopian land of peace and unspoiled natural beauty.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Bright, shiny and new

Weekend Today, January 15 - 16, 2011, Page T2, (The Fairer Text) From Source Website:,-shiny-and-new By Georgina Chang,, 05:55 AM Jan 15, 2011PHOTO: New year, new man, new perspective - leave the past in 2010 I

` sizzling beaUty kajal agarwal `

South beauty Kajal Agarwal is all set to be paired up with Ravi Teja for the first time in the movie ‘Veera’. Her other Telugu movie ‘Mr.Perfect’ has completed its shooting, in which she is working opposite actor Prabhas.

刘亦菲 (Liú Yì Fēi) - Crystal Liu Yi Fei (1)

Source Website: Crystal Liu Yi Fei was born in Beijing but spent her childhood mostly in Wuhan. 刘亦菲全身暴光 (Liú Yì Fēi quán shēn bào guāng) - From Crystal Liu Yi Fei totally nude

Thursday, January 13, 2011

` selena gOmez :: cliff watts photoshoOt `

` coOrg beauty daisy bOpanna `

Model turned actress Daisy Bopanna is more successful in Kannada films than any other southern films. After ‘Garam Msala’ she is doing another film with Ajay Devgan in Hindi. Back in sandalwood Kannada film industry after a long time she is acting in 2 films called ‘Maaya’ and ‘Maass’. The actress who was popular for her glamorous roles has now declared that she will feature only in performance

林心如 (Lín Xīn rú) - Ruby Lin - (4) - 2009年代言美罗家纺相關圖片 - 2009 Metro's home decor and related pictures

Source Website:创建人 (chuàng jiàn rén) Creator:ruby 小龙 (xiǎo lónɡ)创建时间(chuàng jiàn shí jiān) Date of Creation:15th May 2009最后更新 (zuì hòu gēng xīn) Lastest Update:16th June 2010相册点击 (xiàng cè diǎn jī) Album Number:112955相册简介 (xiàng cè jiǎn jiè) Album Title:2009年代言美罗家纺相關圖片 (2009 nián dài yán měi luó


COMPLETE ~Compressed Ver. 350mb~
4 episodes (Drama Special Series) || No Min Woo

[K-Drama] ROCK ROCK ROCK - 2010
Genre: Docu-Drama, Music
Cast: No Min Woo
Synopsis: A docu-drama about the life of Kim Tae Won, lead guitarist of the legendary rock band Boohwal, or "Resurrection", as well as the different people who played a part in its history, such as former lead vocalist Lee Seung Chul

Video Desc: 800x450 || 720p HanSun || Compressed @ 350mb

Download ROCK ROCK ROCK @ MediaFire: HERE
* COMPLETE (ep01-04) & Eng Sub by WITHS2, resynced to compress vid.

credit to f0reveralways
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Combine file parts (the .001, .002 extensions) with HJSplit





粉红色的 Bear Bear。。朋友说是[冒牌天使]

谢谢你 :)

想起了一位女性朋友。。她绝对能把那对紫水晶耳环 carry 得很好