Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sale: KAT-TUN Calendar 2009.4 - 2010.3 [Individual Pictures]

AT-TUN Individual Pictures
~ There are 7pcs for each AT-TUN pictures, size 14 X 12.2 cm, with front & back pics
~ I have 2 sets of Jin, Koki and Junno individual pictures and i only have 1 set for others.
~ Im selling RM3.00 for each pictures, and RM20.00 for the whole each ind. set
e.g. no. A01 [b] & A01 [f] comes from one picture * [b=back] & [f=front]
~ You can choose any picture and it can be mixed up. Just provide me with the no.
~ Currently, i will only sell the ind. pics to local [Malaysian] fans

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