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DOWNLOAD: [K-Drama] Playful Kiss a.k.a Mischievous Kiss 2010 - Kim Hyun Joong Ep15-16

- COMPLETE (Compressed Ver. ~350mb) -

Youtube Special & SeungJo's Diary added!!

K-Drama: Playful Kiss a.k.a Mischievous Kiss
Genre: Romance, School
Episodes: 20
Cast: Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo, Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni
Based on the popular manga, Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy student who falls for the perfectionist, Baek Seung Jo. However, Seung Jo is indifferent towards her and rejects her love. When Ha Ni's house collapses, she and her father moves into his long-time friend's house. It turns out that Seung Jo is the friend's son and Ha Ni is given the opportunity to be near the guy she loves. Will she be able to move Seung Jo's heart?

English Sub: HERE @ Haru2subS

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YouTube Special Episodes: http://www.youtube.com/user/ytkiss
YT Special Ed. English Subtitles: Pker Team @ ViiKii + meiruo

Download @ MediaFire: HERE Ep 01-07 (Compress Ver.) & Eng Sub
* Ep 7 added

Download @ MediaFire: HERE Diary 1-7 (Compress Ver.) & Eng Sub
* Ep 4 - 7 added

Playfull Kiss YOUTUBE MAKING FILM 1 & 2
Download @ MediaFire: HERE Making Film 1-2 & Eng Sub

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` sizzling beaUty francia raisa `

Pretty Francia Raisa is an American actress, she is known for her role in ‘Bring It On: All or Nothing’ where she plays a tough Latina cheerleader called Leti. She also plays the role of Adrian Lee in the hit ABC Family drama, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

` pretty actress samAntha `

Model turned actress Samantha, has began her film career debuting in a romantic Telugu film ‘Ye Maaya Chesave’. She appeared in some Tamil films also. Her latest release is ‘Brindavanam’ a Telugu movie opposite Jr. NTR, in which she shared the screen with Kajal Agarwal. Currently she is working with Mahesh Babu in his upcoming film ‘Dookudu’.

Monday, November 29, 2010


女生通常会比较喜欢给情人取小昵称,特别的,秘密得只有两人之间才知道,不是 darling, honey 还是 dear... 这些都太一般,太普通了,配不上你心里特别的他。





Creative Portraits by Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence is a young professional photographer who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Joey Lawrence has been shooting commercial photography, photojournalism and music videos around the world since the age of 17. He has agents in London, New York and Toronto. Some of his clients include Warner Bros. Records, Summit Entertainment, Forbes, NBC, Kawasaki, the United Way, Salvation Army,

小提琴手 (xiǎo tí qín shǒu) - Violinist

The Straits Times, June 17, 2009 Wednesday Source Website: http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNews/Singapore/Story/STIStory_391774.html By Adeline Chia, Arts Reporter, June 17, 2009, Updated 10.13 pmPHOTO: Tang Tee Khoon (above) takes over the instrument from US-based Singaporean violinist Siow Lee Chin, who was the first beneficiary of the scheme and who played it for eight years. ST PHOTO

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creative Photography by Brad Trent

Brad Trent grew up in a string of small towns in Western Canada. In contradiction to photographer who hides their lighting, and even remove the catch light from the subject’s eyes, Brad Trent shares his most amazing lighting setups in his portfolio.Today Brad is Award-Winning Advertising & Editorial Portrait Photographer based in New York City. People he has photographed include Steven Spielberg,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lady Gaga by Aaron Fallon

Amazing shoots of Lady Gaga by Aaron Fallon, talented freelance photographer, based in Venice Beach, California.

Blank Stares by Jeff Luker

Jeff Luker is 25 years old talented photographer, who currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

Interior Photography by Jean-Francois Jaussaud

French photographer Jean-Francois Jaussaud has been shooting interior design and portraits for more than 20 years. He has been published in the most prestigious publications including Elle Decor, Vogue, Marie-Claire and the NY Times amongst others.

East Berlin (1972-1996) by Sibylle Bergemann

Sibylle Bergemann was a German photographer. In 1990, she cofounded the Ostkreuz photographers agency. She is remembered for documenting developments in East Berlin during the Communist era and for her international assignments for Stern and later for Geo.Sibylle born in 1941 in Berlin where she was raised and educated, she first worked as a secretary for the East German periodical Das Magazin.

Portraits by Thomas Dozol

Thomas Dozol is a considered, charming French guy who spends his time between New York, Paris and Athens, Georgia, and a talented emerging photographer who has, for his New York City debut exhibition, managed to capture people in the raw, private and unprepared. The combination of vulnerability and natural beauty, informed by his use of light to create an intimate experience is powerful -

Sworn Virgins by Pepa Hristova

In the north of Albania Pepa Hristova photographed the Burrnesha or so-called “Sworn Virgins” – women who, after an old ritual, adopt a male identity and take over the role of the missing family leaders. It’s an impressive story, retold by Pepa in a very human and unobtrusive way. She captured the masculine poses and bearings, the angular features on the women’s faces, revealing their complete

Portrait Photography by Rylan Perry

Rylan Perry lives and work in New York He specializes in fashion and portrait photography.

Beauty Photography by Cliff Watts

Cliff Watts was born in San Jose California . He spent most of his childhood drawing, painting and creating.. He excelled in art at school and had several scholarships to San Jose University where he studied Fine Art for 4 years. His love of travel led.

Havanna between the times by Jordis Antonia Schlösser

Amazing black and white photography by Jordis Antonia Schlösser, talented female photographer from Germany.

Fashion Photography by Carter Smith

Brought up in downtown Manhattan, Carter Smith has spent the past fifteen years traveling the world, documenting people and places in gritty detail. During this time, Smith’s pictures have appeared in countless books and magazines while exhibiting his work in galleries around the Globe. Smith’s involvement in music is legendary having directed Three Days, an internationally acclaimed chronicle of

` purr laUnched by katy perry `

Gorgeous looking Katy Perry at the launch of her new fragrance ‘Purr’ in New York City.

2010 Olympus BioScapes Winners

Olympus America Inc. is in the eighth year of sponsoring a dynamic international photo competition that honors the world's most extraordinary microscope images of life science subjects. Entry deadline is September 30, 2011, and First Prize is the winner's choice of Olympus microscope or camera equipment valued at $5,000. Nine additional winners will also receive valuable prizes from Olympus, and

` wana do haircUt in chinese style `

In Liang Qi, Dong village or southeast DongZhai, the barber uses a sickle to give haircuts. The scene looks very horrible and scary. But it is an ancient custom of this village.

` red hOt tamil actress jayasri `

` red hOt lips `

` christina on the hollywoOd walk of fame `

Singer Christina Aguilera recently honored with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. She was very excited and said ‘As a young girl in Pittsburgh, I often imagined what it would be like to come to Hollywood and make it as a performer’ to her fans. Her latest movie ‘Burlesque’ is released and she got another reason to celebrate. 




屋子里面走出来两个男人,一个衣着华丽,手里拿着一根长烟斗,我猜他就是村长,他身边跟着一个小女孩,年纪大约五、六 岁,举止却没有小孩子该有的童幼,一付很懂事的样子。












Quality Appreciation Day- 26th Nov 2010: Visit to Desaru Fruit Farm

Source Website: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/photo.php?fbid=460715906238&set=a.460715251238.244617.754191238&pid=5671259&id=754191238 By Jeslin Loo, Saturday, 27 November 2010(A one day trip, starting early in the morning at 0730 hrs till 2000hrs in the twilight zone, from Singapore to Malaysia)PHOTO: Rose apple / Jambu Air (Eugenia aquea) flowering.Flowers are 2-4", with hundreds of

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Deserts Photography by Tomas Kaspar

Amazing photography of deserts by Tomas Kaspar, talented nature and landscape photographer from Czech Republic.


托一位朋友的福,得到了一张 Classical Guitar Solo Concert 的票,演奏地点是在 KLPac。

这是我第一次去听 Classical Guitar Solo,演奏者是一位长得漂亮的中国女生 - Xuefei Yang,出生北京,现居伦敦,从7岁开始接触吉他,目前是世界级水准的吉他演奏家之一。






那一晚,Xuefei Yang 演奏好几首西班牙吉他乐,我听见了春天,听见了一朵朵盛开的花,依然好喜欢 Flamingo 的激情拍子,心底总会随着手指豪迈地拨动吉他铉的动作泛起涟漪。




Photography by Anna Zorina

Beautiful photography by Anna Zorina, professional female photographer, based in Pforzheim, Germany.

` she is cute :: sOuth actress gOwri munjal `

Beautiful Gowri Munjal is a well known South Indian actress. She did several films in almost all South Indian languages. Presently she is doing a Telugu film ‘Chirutha Puli’ in which she plays the lead role opposite Junior Shivaji Ganeshan.

` talented alysOn michalka `

Alyson Michalka is an American actress, dancer, singer-songwriter and musician. Presently starring as Marti Perkins in the CW television series ‘Hellcats’. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Creative Advertising Photography by Pawel Fabjanski

Pawel Fabjanski is a Polish fashion and sports photographer who also has an interesting, unique eye as expressed in his personal photography. After graduating from the Polish National Film School he's now senior photographer with Hiro Magazine, and having moved to Vienna is now also associated with Austrian independent style magazine, Indie Go. Pawel took his eye away from the lens to answer some

Photography by Danko Steiner

Danko Steiner studied design and photography at the University of Zagreb, Croatia where he majored in graphic design. After moving to New York he worked as a graphic designer at V, Visionaire and US Harper's Bazaar where he held the position of Design Director. In 2004 he became the Art Director of US Vogue and was promoted to Design Director in 2008. While at the helm of those prestigious

` sizzling sOuth actress catherine tresa `

Bengaluru based model Catherine Tresa is born to Malayali parents and was brought up in Dubai. She made her debut in kannada film in the action-based thriller ‘Shankar IPS’. She also did some ads for well known brands like Josco Jewellers, Chennai Silks, Fast Track etc.

` cheryl tweedy latest photoshoOt `

Monday, November 22, 2010

Candice Boucher by Kenneth Willardt

Candice Boucher’s latest work for A Magazine #46. Photographed by Kenneth Willardt and styled by Sciascia Gambaccini, Candice sports ensembles from the likes of Roberto Cavalli.


今天早上,爱FM播了这首歌,我以前很喜欢的一首歌 - 掌心。



我想了想,回答,feel safe。

心在那里,那里就必须是一个 feel safe 的地方,其实我们对爱情的要求一直以来都是那么的简单 - 安全感。


Fashion Photography by Sylvie Malfray

Amazing and superb professional beauty photography by Sylvie Malfray, talented fashion photographer, based in Paris.

Glamour Photography by Emma Summerton

Emma Summerton is an Australian fashion photographer currently living in London and New York City. Emma graduated from the National Art School in Sydney, where she earned an academic degree in Fine Arts. In 1998, Emma worked as artist Fiona Banner’s assistant collaborating on photographic projects including images for Fiona Banner’s first book release in 2003.Her photography is colorful and

` bipasha basu loOking very hOt `

Bollywood’s hot actress Bipasha Basu is all set to star opposite Hollywood heartthrob Josh Hartnett in her first Hollywood film ‘Singularity’. It’s a Passionate love story, set against the backdrop of a war. The film is being shot in Australia and India, set to release next year. Bipasha says that she has no problems doing steamy scenes with Josh ‘If I can do kissing scenes in India then why not

` dubai mall :: a 20 billiOn dollar prOject `

The Dubai Mall is the world's largest shopping mall based on total area and sixth largest by gross leasable area. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is part of the 20-billion-dollar Burj Khalifa complex, and includes 1,200 shops.Dubai Mall opened on November 4, 2008, with about 600 retailers, marking the world's largest-ever mall opening in retail history. It has recorded a visitor

` katy perry perfOrms in londOn `

Dazzling U.S. pop star Katy Perry performs terrifically at the BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards 2010 which was recently held at Hammersmith Apollo.

` pretty sOuth actress preeti varma `




已经很久没有独自一个人驾车回老家了,总会担心 Kancil 仔要是半途中闹脾气的话,那时候一个女生在 highway 两头不到岸可就麻烦了。


晚上爸爸下班回来,三人吃了晚餐继续看连续剧,我和爸爸一心二用,各自手里拿着一本书,我重复看 N 次《哈利波特》第7集,他老人家看心灵书籍,将近半夜12点我就被妈妈赶去睡觉。




走到 Kancil 仔旁,她把水桶放进车尾箱,交待了一声小心驾驶,转身头也没回地走了。

我望着妈妈的背影,过去日子的辛酸,走过的风风雨雨,很多事情对她来说已是云淡风轻,我知道她现在心里面最放不下的,就是她的一对子女 – 弟弟和我。


老家一趟来回一个人走了 826 公里,眼睛看着前方,手控制着方向盘,脚控制着车速,脑子里什么都不想,心专注着 - 要到达的方向。

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nature Photography by Adrian Petrisor

Amazing nature shoots by Adrian Petrisor, talented male photographer from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

say halo to BlackBerry Bold 9780~

今天看了一场电影,之前答应过自己,要是如愿以 RM799 买到 BlackBerry Bold 9780 ,我就去看戏庆祝。

看完 《哈利波特》 买了一盒草莓,疼惜自己昨天与黑莓相处的第一天,手机繁多的界面让我头昏眼花,到了晚上睡觉的时候还在头晕,决定吃草莓报复。

我现在随身还带着旧手机,别笑我,我对手机的 Data Transfer 一窍不通,只好用最原始的方法,一个一个联络号码重新输入。

昨天早上,5点45 分起床,7点钟到达 SS2 Digi Centre,等了两个小时,如愿把黑莓 9780 带回家,特价 RM799,签约 24 个月,它的外型跟黑莓 9700 一样。

Digi 店员准时 9 点钟分发购买表格,我拿到的号码是 4,心里一笑,连幸运号码都出场了,注定的,我要用黑莓。

自从和同屋友达成共同协议,决定下个月起终止很烂的Streamyx 服务,我就决定换掉用了多年的 k750i。

那时候考虑的是 Sony E x10mini Pro 和 BlackBerry Torch 9800,没打算要 iPhone,我不喜欢完全 touch screen 的手机。

问了几个使用黑莓的朋友们意见,再加上自己上网看评价,觉得比较适合自己目前的需求是黑莓,婆婆妈妈考虑到最后,结果错过了 Digi BlackBerry Torch 9800 特价促销- RM999,只能暗捶心肝。

原本打算这个月尾发薪了买 BlackBerry Bold 9700,与Digi签约 24 个月还要 RM999,有点肉痛,更别说黑莓9800,签约 24 个月还要 RM1499,想都别想,我不会舍得花这个钱。

没想到傻傻也有傻福,之前我根本不知道黑莓还会推出新款号,从老家回来在网上无意间看到 Digi 的广告,原本月尾才要花的钱虽然是提早花掉了,但是买到了心头好和节省了两百大元,心情好得很。


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Celebrity Portrait Photography by Brian Bowen Smith

Brian Bowen Smith born and raised in New York , Brian became a professional photographer by a less traditional route than most. After catching the eye of legendary photographer Herb Ritts while performing as a pro skater, and a subsequent invitation to appear in a Gap campaign, Herb became his mentor and friend.Four years as Herb's assistant helped Brian to find his personal photographic style,

Fashion Photography by Eudes De Santana

Eudes De Santana is photographer, who was born and raised in Brasil, now he based in Barcelona, Spain. Eudes is a fashion and advertising photographer, originally went to school for graphic design. While finishing his degree, he worked on photographic commissions for fashion editorials, catalogs, and advertising campaigns. is work is intended for professional campaigns but his pictures have very

` stunning kelly broOk `

British actress and model Kelly Brook is busy preparing to audition for a ‘top secret play’ and has no time for relationships. The 30 year old beauty, who split up with the former England fly-half Danny Cipriani in the summer, has decided to put her career before her love life.

` amazing friendship :: really awesOme `

These pictures were taken in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where this deer visits this cat in the yard every morning!Contributed by ashashworld4u@yahoo.com

` beautiful sOuth actress akanksha `

Buoyant about birthdays

weekend today November 20 - 21, 2010, column, Page T3 (The Fairer Text) From http://imcms2.mediacorp.sg/CMSFileserver/documents/006/PDF/20101120/2011COW003.pdfSource Website: http://www.todayonline.com/Columns/Thefairertext/EDC101120-0000024/Buoyant-about-birthdays By Georgina Chang, georginac@mediacorp.com.sg, 05:55 AM Nov 20, 2010PHOTO: I'm getting older. Hooray! A man with grey streaks looks

Friday, November 19, 2010

` latina beauty vanessa hUdgens `

‘High school musical’ star Vanessa Hudgens was spotted in Hawaii while she was shooting for her new movie ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’, it’s an action-adventure flick. Hudgens was also just nominated for the Favorite Movie Star Award (under 25) at the People’s Choice awards.

amelie cafe@armenian street, penang

躲在老槟城古迹区的小小间 amelie café,一跨过门栏走进里面 ,我仿佛回到了五岁以前,曾经住过的战前老楼房。

Amelie Café 的主人是一对看似情侣的男女,男主人的头发剪得很短,身材高而瘦,女主人长发披肩,一脸素净,两人的穿着都很休闲,看起来平易近人,但是我没主动找他们闲聊,他们也给足客人隐私空间,这正是我需要的。





我把手机转成了silent mode,安静地吃着盘子里放满了蘑菇的煎蛋,还有稍微热过的牛角面包,鲜搅的芒果奶昔撒了月桂粉很好喝,月桂是我最喜欢的香料,它的味道闻起来让我觉得暖和。

Café 里播着我听不懂的西班牙歌,墙上挂着一块写上 ‘no photograph’ 的木板,我识趣,用眼睛贪婪地记录下 Café 里的风景。


黑色旧算盘、老祖母时代的热水壶、铁盒便当、美女图小油灯、印花铁杯子、印花老盘子..... 墙角挂着火水油灯,还有一些装了清水的空玻璃瓶,里面插着绿色植物,从天花板上垂直吊着,有些玻璃瓶里养着打架鱼,也有一些手工品出售,画在没有修饰过的木头板上的水彩画,草席编制包….

我带走了两张 amelie café 的名片作纪念,名片就插在装满了咖啡豆的杯子里,杯子就放在最里边,靠近厨房的小吧台上,一张是穿花裤子的男生,一张是穿红裙子绑马尾的女生,两张都是手绘图,简朴美丽,可以当书签呢~!

离开的时候,我还偷偷带走了 amelie café 里一块角落的风景。

Thursday, November 18, 2010

` kajal agArwal's sister :: nisha agarwal `

Pretty Nisha Agarwal is the new comer in the South Indian film industry. she is the sister of ‘Magadheera’ fame actress Kajal Agarwal. Her debut film ‘Emaindi Evela’ released recently in which she plays the lead role. Nisha born and brought up in Mumbai and did graduation in Hotel Management. She is a student of Shiamak Davar’s dance school and has also learnt a bit of Kathak.

Photography by Aaron Huey

Aaron Huey is a photographer from Seattle who is most widely known for his walk across America in 2002 with his dog Cosmo. The journey lasted 154 days and covered 3,349 miles. Huey stayed with strangers he met along the way, averaging around 30 miles a day, with a record day of 46 miles. His online journals chronicle his journey. His photography appears in Smithsonian, National Geographic, The

` sOme humorous shOp signs `

` beautifUl aarti chhabria `

` kelly broOk celebrity photoshoOt `


MY PAPER, THURSDAY NOVEMBER 18, 2010, PAGE A15, MY LIFESTYLE From http://myepaper.mypaper.sg/ebook/web_php/fvbrowserjs.php?urljs=http://myepaper.mypaper.sg/ecreator/sphopf/mya181110cnd_opf_files/mya181110cnd.js&ver=Gen Source Website: http://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/Singapore/Story/A1Story20101118-247797.html By VICTORIA BARKER, vbarker@sph.com.sg, Thu, Nov 18, 2010, my paperPHOTO:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photography by Matt Eich

Matt Eich is a freelance photographer and founding member of LUCEO. His work is rooted in memory, both personal and collective and he strives to approach every photograph with a sense of intimacy. He believes that stories are the fabric of history and that they have the power to inform and transform. While he has worked on five continents, Matt’s images focus on his own back yard, often

Fashion Photography by Mark Squires

Awesome fashion and celebrity photography by Mark Squires, talented photographer, based in New York, Squires can flaunt a list of faces he has photographed with the names of Gwen Stefani & No Doubt, M.I.A., Mark Ronson Jack White, Die Antwoord and Marion Cotillard and many others in it.

Macro Photography by Joni Niemela

Joni Niemela is one of the best macro photographers we have ever seen. His photos are stunning and they tell us over and over again: love this nature.

` diya mirza fOr maxim `

` miley cyrus in a classic loOk `

` pamela anDerson in big boss 4 `

After Jade Gudy  and Claudia its Pamela Anderson's turn to enter big boss reality show. It can be recalled that international contestants have become a part of the Bigg Boss house since Season Two

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bikini-clad cheer squads add spice to beach volleyball

Source Website: http://news.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/Sports/Story/A1Story20101126-249247.htmlhttp://www.asianoffbeat.com/photos/57-asian-games-bikini-cheerleadershttp://www.asiaone.com/static/multimedia/gallery/101116_angels/ By AFP, Fri, Nov 26, 2010Girls blamed for match lossesPHOTO: Yemen beach volleyball team blames Sexy Cheerleaders for Defeat . Cheerleaders perform a

` emma watsOn for marie claire magazine `

Graceful Emma Watson is the cover girl of Marie Claire Magazine’s latest issue for the month of December 2010

African Scenery & Animals by Daniel Naudé

In Daniel Naudé's first solo show, he presents a world that appears to be a fairy tale, or a fictional place: We see a donkey with the grace of a race horse. Next to an impossibly beautiful rainbow, a white mule almost turns into a unicorn. The hills and veld that Naudé invites us to traverse are filled with wonderful creatures, each more proud, perfect, and present than the next.But small

机械毛虫 (jī xiè máo chóng) - Mechanical Caterpillar

我报, 星期五, 2010年11月12日, 综合新闻 (zōng hé xīn wén), General News, Page B2 MYPAPER, 12 November 2010, General News, Page B2 From http://myepaper.mypaper.sg/ebook/web_php/fvbrowserjs.php?urljs=http://myepaper.mypaper.sg/ecreator/sphopf/myb121110cnd_opf_files/myb121110cnd.js&ver=GenBy 美联社 (Měi lián shè), Associated Press (AP) PHOTO: 机械毛虫 (jī xiè máo chóng) - Mechanical Caterpillar 我报, 星期五, 2010年11月12日,

Portrait Photography by Ali Mitton

Beautiful portrait photography by Ali Mitton, talented people photographer from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Monday, November 15, 2010

` shakira at 2010 mtv eurOpe music awards `

` wOrld's largest jesus christ statue `

Northwest Poland is now become the home of the World’s tallest Jesus Statue, which would exceed the famous Christ sculpture in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. The statue in Swiebodzin, western Poland, measures 33 metres in height and will sit atop a 17-metre mount. It was built from private donations and designed by Sylwester Zawadzki, a local priest. The statue is set to be inaugurated on November 21. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010











Friday, November 12, 2010



每次回到老家,夜晚更是不舍得入睡,等到家里的每一个人都睡了,就算独个儿留在客厅里翻看旧电影 DVD 也好,或是在自己的房里趴着看书也好,就是不肯熄灯睡觉。





Thursday, November 11, 2010

很猫的 《Singkin' Soon 》 by Norah Jones

喜欢这首歌,来自 Norah Jones 《Not Too Late》的专辑,歌名 Singkin' Soon。

懒洋洋的音乐很猫,拍子的节奏让人很容易跟上,很好跳舞,这让我联想到 Dita Von Teese,她的性感风情。

喜欢随着音乐,倒一把 body lotion 在掌上,滑过刚冲掉一天疲劳的手臂、肩膀、大腿、小腿、足踝 .....


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DOWNLOAD: [J-Movie] Liar Game: The Final Stage (Hardsubs)

[J-Movie] Liar Game: The Final Stage - Eng Hardsub
by SARS Fansubs
Cast: Erika Toda, Shota Matsuda, Seiichi Tanabe, Kosuke Suzuki, YosiYosi Arakawa, Mari Hamada, Toshihiro Wada, Yuki Akimoto, Kento Nagayama, Kazuma Suzuki, Megumi Seki, Michiko Kichise, Ikkei Watanabe...

Story: The Psychological thriller directed by Hiroaki Matsuyama dethroned US movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians at number 2 following its release this week at Japan Box Office. Starring Shota Matsuda and Erika Toda (Death Note). Based on a manga created by Kaitani Shinobu, this movie is set where the 2nd season of the drama series left off. In the first series, a college student Nao Kanzaki is lured into a mysterious game by tricking other players to win. However Nao got tricked by her former sensei, desperate for help, she enlisted the aid of person named Shinichi Akiyama. In the second series, the duo is faced against new opponents with the help of a rival player named Fukunaga . In Liar game: Final Stage, Players are encouraged to trust each other to win the tournament. However, a mysterious player named X is secretly plotting to sabotage everyone of their chances to win the LGT. [From AsianMedia Wiki]

Download @ MediaFire (640mb Compressed Ver.)
HERE (Eng. Hardsub)

Credit: SARS Fansubs (Hardsub)
Compress by kamelovelove.blogspot.com

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DOWNLOAD: [K-Drama] Sungkyunkwan Scandal 2010 - Airing Ep 19-20 END

COMPLETE (Special EP included)
(Compressed Ver. ~350mb

[K-Drama] Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Cast: Micky Yoochun, Park Min Young, Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In
This drama is set in Sungkyunkwan University during the reign of King Jeongjo in the late Joseon era, revolving around the exploits and love stories of four youths. When her younger brother's illness worsens and their family is in danger of being evicted from their house for lack of money, Kim Yoon Hee enters the school under his name, disguised as a boy in her desperation to support him. There, she becomes friends with the intelligent and upright Lee Sun Joon, the playboy Goo Yong Ha and rebellious Moon Jae Shin.

Video Desc: Compressed Ver || ~350mb || 800 x 450 || 450p-HAN/HANrel

Download @ MediaFire: HERE (Update: ep01 - ep20 + SPECIAL Ep)

* added Sungkyunkwan Scandal SPECIAL!

Download English Subtitle:
GOE-SS (Ep 01-06) & Ep 07-18

credit to f0reveralways (compressed)
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十月 。芝麻小事

十月的芝麻小事,从一张戏票开始,日期是第4届 《大马中文部落格祭颁奖礼》后的第二天。

电影的中文翻译是 《一个人的旅行》,我当然要一个人去 Eat、Pray、Love。

十月的芝麻小事,化成一张张的照片,让它来告诉你 - 我的 Eat。Pray。Love。

随想1109 - the ghost inside your heart



Monday, November 8, 2010

DOWNLOAD: HEROES (Korean Variety Show) Feat. Kahi & other Female Idols/Celebs - Episode 06-15

NOTE: will update the rest of the episodes soon, cuz now have too much drama to upload



the new Korean Variety Show about 12 women cast coming together to overcome various challenges as well as create a storyline that will keep viewers hooked.
The Cast: Kahi (After School), Nicole (KARA), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), IU, Seo In Young, Lee Jin, Yoo In Na, Noh Sa Yeon, Shin Bong Sun, Jeong Ga Eun, Hong Soo Ah, Jiyeon (T-ara), Noh Hong Chul, Lee Hwi Jae

Download [HQ] Heroes @ MediaFire/HotFile:
Episode 01: Heroes.avi (HAN) - 18.07.2010 [MF] [HF]
Episode 02: Heroes.avi (Alpha) - 25.07.2010 [MF]
Episode 03: Heroes.avi (HAN) - 01.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 04: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 08.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 05: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 15.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 06: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 07: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 08: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF / 720p Ver]
Episode 09: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 10: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 11: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 12: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 13: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 14: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 15: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]

* will notify u guyz if i found any other subbers for this show

Watch @ Youtube with ENG SUB!
HERE - Heroes ep01 (when d/load the vid frm youtube, there will be no sub when u view it, cuz they make it softsub. hope they'll make it hardsubbed for the next ep)
HERE - Heroes ep02 (english hardsubbed)
*HERE - Heroes ep03
HERE - Heroes ep04

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日期:8/11/2010 星期一
電台:Ai Fm
部落客:Kampung girl天馬行空+異想天開無聊小站黃德峻文鋒起吾



* 彭亨州 (FM106.7)
* 关丹 (FM106.1)
* 太平 (FM106.1)
* 哥打巴鲁 (FM105.7)
* 槟城 (101.3)
* 吉打 (FM101.3)
* 玻璃市 (FM101.3)
* 柔佛 (FM100.4)
* 马六甲 (FM100.4)
* 山打根 (FM95.1)
* 怡保/霹雳 (FM92.1)
* 亚庇 (FM91.9)
* 吉兰丹 (FM91.6)
* 古晋 (FM90.7)
* 瓜拉登嘉楼 (FM90.5)
* 雪兰莪 (FM89.3)
* 森美兰 (FM89.7)
* 吉隆坡 (FM89.3)

Saturday, November 6, 2010




终于在 one utama 的公共沙发看完了整本 《礼拜三的糕饼课》,故事从春天里鹿儿和糕饼师童话般的爱情故事拉开序幕,然后到夏天、秋天和冬天,所发生的故事都是围绕着他们经营的 Wednesday’s Café。

没有自信心的胖女人遇见了喜欢她的开朗胖先生,走失的狗儿以 “另一个方式” 回来跟小主人重聚,鹿儿的学长终于找到了属于他的同性爱情,不忍心破坏他人家庭的女人勇敢地向不可能属于她的男人说再见,出席了同学会后感触良多的中年已婚男人,年轻时家里为她主婚而被逼与自己的所爱擦肩错过的老奶奶……





发现 《礼拜三的糕饼课》 跟 “雨” 很有缘,“雨” 的本身就是一种思念,《礼拜三的糕饼课》 今天说的故事是相思福连塔(Red Beans Flan),一个不停写信交笔友的女生,笔名[红豆新娘]....

Friday, November 5, 2010


这支火龙宝石干红(Classic Red Wine - Ruby Pitaya)超正顺喉,加州葡萄和热带国家的火龙果酿制,13.5% 的低酒精成份,味道稍微带甜。

红宝石般的液体很漂亮,滑过喉咙就像在喝水,淡淡果香回荡口腔里,我尝到的是葡萄香气比较多,我个人觉得这支红酒很适合当 Table Wine。

酒是朋友送的,edamame 是自己买的,月头领了薪水有点小钱,跟同事逛超市豪气买了一包。

从 Dido 听到 Olivia Ong 再到 Oscar Lopez 让我心醉的西班牙吉他乐....

一个人的 Own-Secret-Time。

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DOWNLOAD: [K-Drama] Soulmate - 2006 *Update: ep01-06

COMPLETE ~Compressed Ver. 350mb~
Nice drama, RECOMMENDED!!

[K-Drama] Soulmate - 2006
Cast: Shin Dong Wook, Lee Soo Kyung, Choi Phillip, Sa Kang, Otani Ryohei
The person you meet once in your lifetime that fate has brought to you! This person you call your soulmate. The year 2006, your soulmate is secretly creeping up on you… What if my other half is really living somewhere out there; will I be able to notice them? It is a question that can be asked by anyone who is in their marital age. A time when matchmaking agencies are flooded with people! Try re-identifying the true meaning of marriage and love while watching 6 couples live the same life that you're living in.

We will show you everything you need to know in the love game!

This is a sitcom young adults and adults can enjoy. Members of all age groups can enjoy it, and benefit from its honest and ongoing talk about love. It gives its viewers some final answers to the "love game" questions and presents confusing issues in a way that everyone can understand. The drama will tell you everything you've always wanted to know, from spending a night with a guy you don't like, to how to completely win over a guys heart; and much more!! It spills out all the secrets of the love game.

"It is easier to stir up a women's heart than to drink wine." Dong-wook, a playboy who no one can even dare to follow. "My boyfriend of 5 years!! He is definitely my soulmate!!" Soo-kyung, a girl who only looks at one man like a sunflower; a perfect, pure hearted character. Two people who have never seen each other, and who live on the opposite sides of the world from each other live and love in their own way, but from some point on they start to move towards the same dream and feel the same physiological feelings. Two people who have met by fate in a world full of mixed up fates. Now, the most amazing things, which no one could have ever thought of, start to unfold between the two.

Download @ MediaFire: Compressed Ver. ~350mb
HERE *Update Ep 01-12 (END)

English Subtitle: HERE @ WITHS2

credit: f0reveralways
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《就算世界无童话》 - 卫兰






DOWNLOAD: [J-Movie] Nodame Cantabile: The Final Score Part 1 - 2009

Nodame Cantabile: The Final Score - Part I / Nodame Cantabile The Movie I
Release Date: December 19, 2009 (in theatres)
Chiaki Shinichi (Hiroshi Tamaki) wins the prestigious Platini International Music Competition and becomes the new orchestra conductor for the Le Marlet Orchestra. Chiaki then goes with Frank (Eiji Wentz) to observe the orchestra and is astonished by their poor performance. It seems due to lack of funding the orchestra lost many of its members & the interest of its audience.
Meanwhile, Nodame (Juri Ueno) prepares for a graduation exam at her music school. She is happy that Chiaki has finally become a conductor and becomes even more enthusiastic when Chiaki asks her to play Ravel's "Bolero" with the orchestra. But, her excitement soon turns to disappointment when Son Rui (Yu Yamada) takes her part in the "Bolero" performance... (Continued at AsianMediaWiki)

The plot continues in the second movie, which was recently released to theatres. SARS Fansubs will be subbing it once it is released October 8, 2010.

Download @ MediaFire: HERE (Eng Hardsubbed by SARS Fansubs)

*TV Version:
This is the TV version that Fuji TV aired a little while ago, NOT the full film version. I think some of the scenes are different/dropped in this version, since it's about fifteen minutes shorter. Thank you to SARS Fabsubs for the English subtitles!

password: shaf.kk
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english sub credit to: SARS Fansubs
Source: leitha @ LJ

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


“My n my wife got separated. So sad now..Dun know what 2 do”

其实,我很希望这只是一个无聊的开玩笑,过去我们分开以后,他的幼稚报复行为曾经把我惹毛了,以前写的那篇文章 《男人,你的护身符是女人》,他就是主角。

如果简讯里说的都是实话,我也没有幸灾乐祸的心情,我不记得他结婚多久了,也该有三年以上了,对于他的简讯,我的回应是 - silent。









Monday, November 1, 2010



傍晚下班,再从停放车子的地方一步一步数到公寓楼下,一样 400 多步。

同一条路来回走了快六个月,现在才知道自己一天最少走路 1000 步以上,如果这是每一天赚取的收入数目,多好。




那天下班回到公寓,正是一般家庭晚餐前,师奶碰头吹水,老人家散步,小孩聚集玩乐的黄昏时段,我走过的 400多步,一路上两边的公寓草地都是大人小孩甲乙丙丁。

我一个女人,一身OL 套裙,背着一个爬山大包,肩挂一个手袋,这样的搭配已经很特出,再加上扛着一个把我的上半身都遮掉一半的箱子,我很希望自己当时是隐形的。




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