Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DOWNLOAD: [J-Movie] Nodame Cantabile: The Final Score Part 1 - 2009

Nodame Cantabile: The Final Score - Part I / Nodame Cantabile The Movie I
Release Date: December 19, 2009 (in theatres)
Chiaki Shinichi (Hiroshi Tamaki) wins the prestigious Platini International Music Competition and becomes the new orchestra conductor for the Le Marlet Orchestra. Chiaki then goes with Frank (Eiji Wentz) to observe the orchestra and is astonished by their poor performance. It seems due to lack of funding the orchestra lost many of its members & the interest of its audience.
Meanwhile, Nodame (Juri Ueno) prepares for a graduation exam at her music school. She is happy that Chiaki has finally become a conductor and becomes even more enthusiastic when Chiaki asks her to play Ravel's "Bolero" with the orchestra. But, her excitement soon turns to disappointment when Son Rui (Yu Yamada) takes her part in the "Bolero" performance... (Continued at AsianMediaWiki)

The plot continues in the second movie, which was recently released to theatres. SARS Fansubs will be subbing it once it is released October 8, 2010.

Download @ MediaFire: HERE (Eng Hardsubbed by SARS Fansubs)

*TV Version:
This is the TV version that Fuji TV aired a little while ago, NOT the full film version. I think some of the scenes are different/dropped in this version, since it's about fifteen minutes shorter. Thank you to SARS Fabsubs for the English subtitles!

password: shaf.kk
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english sub credit to: SARS Fansubs
Source: leitha @ LJ

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