Monday, November 8, 2010

DOWNLOAD: HEROES (Korean Variety Show) Feat. Kahi & other Female Idols/Celebs - Episode 06-15

NOTE: will update the rest of the episodes soon, cuz now have too much drama to upload



the new Korean Variety Show about 12 women cast coming together to overcome various challenges as well as create a storyline that will keep viewers hooked.
The Cast: Kahi (After School), Nicole (KARA), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), IU, Seo In Young, Lee Jin, Yoo In Na, Noh Sa Yeon, Shin Bong Sun, Jeong Ga Eun, Hong Soo Ah, Jiyeon (T-ara), Noh Hong Chul, Lee Hwi Jae

Download [HQ] Heroes @ MediaFire/HotFile:
Episode 01: Heroes.avi (HAN) - 18.07.2010 [MF] [HF]
Episode 02: Heroes.avi (Alpha) - 25.07.2010 [MF]
Episode 03: Heroes.avi (HAN) - 01.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 04: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 08.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 05: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 15.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 06: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 07: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 08: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF / 720p Ver]
Episode 09: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 10: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 11: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 12: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 13: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 14: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]
Episode 15: Heroes .avi (HAN) - 22.08.2010 [MF]

* will notify u guyz if i found any other subbers for this show

Watch @ Youtube with ENG SUB!
HERE - Heroes ep01 (when d/load the vid frm youtube, there will be no sub when u view it, cuz they make it softsub. hope they'll make it hardsubbed for the next ep)
HERE - Heroes ep02 (english hardsubbed)
*HERE - Heroes ep03
HERE - Heroes ep04

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