Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vanessa Minnillo

It is no secret that Vanessa Minnillo wants to become an actress. She was very verbal about the fact that she wanted to make the transition into acting. She got her first chance when she appeared in Fantastic Fourflick, 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and she loved it!. Now she was working at ET and MTV.

"When I was on the set of Fantastic Four, I loved it.

I respected everyone's work ethic. It was like a mini-family, and I want to continue doing it, whether it's action or comedy or action-comedy. I can pull off physical comedy; I'm athletic enough not to get hurt easily," Minnillo tells Vegas Magazine.

"I got to do MTV for four years, ET for two years, then left to put my heart into other things for a while.

I just love new experiences. I was an air-force brat that attended eight different schools in my first nine years of school, so I feel I can adjust to anything," she adds. "Acting is a different way to entertain people. Most people know how to be themselves in front of the camera, but interpreting a character takes a lot. Once I get the right role, I'll just feel it."

Minnillo is not taking any opportunity she gets though. She says that she's gotten offered some silly roles and she's passed cause she feels it's not right for her. "We've had some offers that we turned down because it wasn't me," she exclaims. "For one of them, I had to be this bikini terrorist and in another I was some crazy girl at Mardi Gras doing anything for beads!"

"Acting is something new for me, and you have to master this craft. It's not just something you jump into.

That's why I took time off to be with my family--reap the fruits of my own labor," she explains. "I've worked two jobs all these years straight and I never got to stop and enjoy it."

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