Thursday, July 15, 2010

DOWNLOAD: [Anime] Romeo X Juliet 2007 - COMPLETE


[Anime] Romeo X Juliet - 2007
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Romance, Classic, Literature
On one stormy night, the Montagues of Neo Verona begin a mutiny against the ruling Capulets and murder all of Juliet's parents and siblings. Before they manage to kill her, Juliet is rescued by her father's servants, thus becoming the sole survivor of the Capulet family. Fourteen years later, she encounters the son of the Montague family, Romeo, by chance and the two fall in love. However, only a cruel fate awaits them...
Video Desc: rmvb || 80mb
Download @ MediaFire: ep 1-24 (FINAL)

password: shaf.kk
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Official English Trailer

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