Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DOWNLOAD: [K-Movie] Jeon Woo Chi: The Taoist Wizard 2009 @ MediaFire

JEON WOO CHI: The Taoist Wizard (2009)
Cast: Kang Dong Won, Kim Yoon Seok, Im Soo Jeong etc.
The film is based on the Korean folklore, Tale of Jeon Woo Chi. The story starts during the Chosun era in 1509 with Jeon Woo Chi (Kang Dong Won) together his dog, a group of Taoist wizards, some evil goblins, a corrupt king and a prophetic pipe everyone want to get a hold on. Jeon Woo Chi later framed for a crime he did not commit and is imprisoned in a magical scroll.
When evil goblins start materializing in modern day Seoul, the triumvirate of Taoist wizards came out of retirement to release Jeon Woo Chi to help stop the havoc wrought by the goblins. The only snag is that Jeon Woo Chi is more interested in exploring the modern day world and chasing after women rather than chasing after goblins.

Download @ MediaFire:
[DVDRip + Eng. Sub] CD01 & CD02

Watch Jeon Woo Chi Trailer Here:

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