Thursday, May 6, 2010

DOWNLOAD: [J-Drama] Tatta Hitotsu No Koi - 2006 || Eng.Hardsub - COMPLETE

since MediaFire being nice to me today, i able to found this drama in my MF folder. i already have this drama for quite sometimes already, it just that i forgot to post it here. anyway... it is a ROMANCE drama, and i actually did enjoy it so much because of kame :) i kinda miss this drama, so.... when i get back home today, i'll find my dvd and re-watch it again on weekend~

[J-Drama] Tatta Hitotsu no Koi - 2006
Theme song: Bokura no Machi de by KAT-TUN
Genre: Romance
Kamenashi Kazuya as Kanzaki Hiroto
Ayase Haruka as Tsukioka Nao
Tanaka Koki as Kusano Kou
Hiraoka Yuta as Ayuta
Toda Erika as Motomiya Yuuko
A story of pure love between the son of a man who runs a ship repair factory beset with financial troubles and the well-bred daughter of a national jewelry chain store owner. The backdrop of the story is Yokohama.
Hiroto Kanzaki (Kazuya Kamenashi) works hard every day and night for the survival of a small ship repair factory (inherited from his father) as well as the survival of his mother and younger brother, who are suffering from health problems. Living such an underprivileged life, Hiroto has forgotten how to smile. In contrast to him, Nao (Haruka Ayase) is the daughter of a popular jewelry shop owner in a fashionable street in Yokohama. She attends a prestigious exclusive woman's college and grew up cheerful and blessed with affluent love. From the moment Hiroto meets her, his closed mind slowly opens up to Nao, who is so innocent that she utters whatever she thinks. Their three close friends, who are also 20 years old, play an important role in their developing relationship.

Video Description: avi || eng. hardsubbed || 300mb
Download @ MediaFire: HERE - (EP 01 - Ep 10 (COMPLETE))

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Credits to:
J-One Records @ LJ
Editor/Encoder-SacredCultivator & JcRina@ D-Addicts

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